Buchanan Law Group
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The Firm and Our Values


For entrepreneurs, it’s not just business—it’s also personal. The decisions you make can have dramatic consequences for both your business and your family. If you choose unwisely, you could jeopardize your company, or your personal assets. Fortunately, at Buchanan Law Group we understand how to minimize these risks and bring you peace of mind. Here is how we do it:

Build Strong Relationships

  • We enjoy getting to know our clients.  The better we understand you and your unique goals, the easier it is to develop a plan that is right for you.

Listen to Your Needs

  • We realize that you have a full schedule, little free time, and a budget. That’s why we make ourselves available in the early morning, after work, or on the weekends if necessary—at no additional cost.

Prepare for the Unexpected

  • Running a business takes dedication, energy, and a whole lot of time.  We will help you eliminate much of the uncertainty and risk associated with major business transactions—greatly improving your odds at success.