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OnGoing Business Issues



Find practical solutions to some of the most common challenges business owners face, such as hiring employees and contractors, contracting with customers and vendors, and protecting your business assets.

As your company grows or changes, you’ll face many challenges, some of them ongoing—such as hiring employees or contractors—and some unexpected, such as facing a breach of contract lawsuit. Familiarize yourself with the resources below, so that when these types of issues arise, you’ll be prepared.


Whether you’ve been in business for one year or twenty, you probably don’t work in a vacuum. This useful guide can help ensure that the relationships with your customers, clients, vendors, and colleagues are built on a solid legal foundation.

Questions for a California Job Interview

To help you minimize the risk of discrimination and wrongful-discharge lawsuits, we’ve assembled a list of acceptable—and unacceptable—questions to ask during the interview process.