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Helpful Links

We've found the following resources to be quite useful and informative to entrepreneurs, startups, and emerging growth companies. If you know of any additional helpful resources, please let us know!

Federal Government Sites

Americans with Disabilities Act

Provides information and technical assistance by the U.S. Department of Justice about the ADA.


Home page, operated by the U.S. Small Business Administration, with links to legal and regulatory information, as well as plain English guides for starting a business, handling finances, managing employees, and other topics.

Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC)

EEOC site with basic introduction to employers' rights and responsibilities under the federal equal employment opportunity laws.

Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco


The official web portal of the U.S. government, with links to information on contracting with the U.S. government, export licenses, business financial assistance, and many other topics.

Internal Revenue Service

Provides access to downloadable IRS forms and publications.

Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA)

Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)

Links to information for small businesses; online access to proposed and final rules, SEC releases, policy statements, and other commission notices and information; searchable database of all electronic company filings since 1994.

SEC Edgar

SEC Edgar main page, with access to electronic filings and forms.

Small Business Administration

Extensive links to federal and other resources for small businesses.

Social Security Administration

U.S. Copyright Office

Links to copyright registration and other information.

Department of Commerce

U.S. Department of Justice, Antitrust Division

Link to Antitrust Division Guidelines and Policy Statements.

U.S. Department of Labor

Links to statutory and regulatory information, labor statistics, small business regulatory compliance assistance, and other information.

U.S. Department of State

Links to international commercial laws and guides.

U.S. International Trade Commission

Rules, regulations, reports, and other information, including an extensive list of links to international trade resources.

U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO)

Provides downloadable forms and information on patent applications and trademark registrations.

California Government Sites

California Department of Corporations, Securities Regulation Division

Access to forms, departmental publications, Commissioner's releases, opinions and notices, franchising information, and other topics.

California Department of Insurance, Workers' Compensation Information

Access to information on workers' compensation insurance.

California Division of Occupational Safety and Health (DOSH)

Information concerning the Cal-OSHA program.

California Employment Development Department (EDD)

Information concerning job placement and referrals, unemployment insurance, disability insurance, employment and training, labor-market information, payroll taxes, and other topics.

California Franchise Tax Board (FTB)

Links to downloadable state tax forms and publications.

California Business Permits and Licensing Information

To help owners locate appropriate permitting information for California businesses, the CalGOLD database provides links and contact information that direct users to agencies from all levels of government that administer and issue business permits, licenses, and registration requirements.

California State Agencies

Links to California agencies.

California Secretary of State’s Business Portal

A portal to a wide variety of services, forms, and information for California businesses.

Board of Equalization

Access to information about sales and use taxes, sellers' permits, forms, and publications.

Private Agency Sites

ABA Section of Business Law

Links to publications and other resources for business lawyers.


Small business portal, with links to forms, directories, and resources on many topics.

American Arbitration Association

Home page with links to rules and procedures.


Business search engine and directory intended to help users find companies, products, services, and other business-related information; some features are fee-based.

Dun & Bradstreet

Subscribers can request reports and run online queries in proprietary databases.

Edgar Online, Inc.

Edgar Online, Inc. is a private company, not affiliated with the SEC, specializing in the extraction, packaging, and distribution of public company information contained in SEC filings.


Free access to Entrepreneur magazine articles back to 1997.

Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB)

Access to FASB Statements of Financial Accounting Standards and other resources.

Findlaw Business Center

Portal with links to articles and guides on starting a business, taxes and accounting, small business legal concerns, and more. Part of West Group.

Hoover's Online

Subscription-based site with industry snapshots, company profiles, earnings, and other information.


Home page with information about JAMS mediation and arbitration services and a search engine to assist users in locating qualified mediators and arbitrators. The website also offers a downloadable guide to help you dispute resolution clauses in commercial contracts.

NASDAQ and American Stock Exchanges (mirrored site)

Comprehensive current information on market performance and investments.

National Association of Attorneys General

Association of the attorneys general of all 50 states, with contact information and links to enforcement initiatives.

National Association of Secretaries of State, Business Registration and Filing Services

Access to most state business and corporations divisions from a single webpage.

New York Stock Exchange

Comprehensive, current information on market performance and investments.

Yahoo! Small Business

Portal with links to topics such as creating a website, promoting a business, and selling online.